Founded at the beginning of the 20th Century, the CASA LAPÃO (BAKERY) has been making Convent Sweets for nearly 100 years. Today, as always, we work according to our values: Quality and Authenticity.

Our Products are part of the satisfaction and enjoyment of life’s most treasured moments, and this implies providing excellence throughout the entire production process.

We are a Company with exclusive and innovative Products, of the highest quality and utmost elegance, which offer consumers total satisfaction.

This is our Vocation and Mission – to present high quality Convent Sweets.

Preserving their manufacture also means preserving the Culture and Tradition of a People.




The Shop is a warm and welcoming place where the décor, a mixture of modern and classic, brings back memories of the CASA LAPÃO.


The factory is staffed by an excellent team of professionals who specialise in the production of Convent Sweets.